1 Disclosure

Before filling out the form, please read the below information.

This is a service to create a webpage/website to suit your needs. This service does not include any back-end development or CMS (Content Management System) features. If you are unsure what these terms mean, please see below:

To get an idea of what kind of webpage/website's are built using this service, please check out this example work.

I am a Web Developer, not a Web Designer, these are two completely different roles. If you are unsure of what the difference is between the two, please read this link.

Having said that, I prefer to take a mockup (image of a design in mind) and build it into a functional webpage/website. However, I can and have built websites without any resources/references and can do so for you. It is important that you fill out the information below as detailed as you can so that I can build a webpage/website based on your needs.

Note: Production time varies as there are many aspects to consider, as well as the development of the website is all done in my spare time due to working full time and other commitments. The more information you can provide below can have a huge impact on how fast I can provide service for you.

2 Your Information
3 Service Details

Please read and fill in the questions carefully. The answers you provide will depend on whether this service is for you or not. If you are unsure about any of the questions below, please feel free to get in touch via Email.

This service is for simple webpages/websites only, please see the example work link in the disclosure for an idea.

Do you require forms for your webpage/website? *

Do you require carousels (Image slideshows) for your webpage/website? * Example here.

Do you require Image gallery lightboxes? * Example here.

Do you require stock images? * More info here.

(Will add to total service cost). (You will provide your own photos for the design).

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(Will be text logo only). (You will provide your own logo for the design if needed).

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